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It can become a very professional Ks·hatvn edit them to create video clips, the clips, effects, themes and saw your favorite song in the set.

Powerful software to convert your photos into video image collection with super quality ... !!

It is infinitely he can select any image which you want them to be powerful photo editor program no more be professionally edited and then if you want to change the image size and enter the environment (adding music to video clips, adding effects and themes and machine control time video) Sit! Finally, a super quality video and Bgyryn delivery.

Some Features of the program:

✔ Choose unlimited number of photos to video

✔ Add your favorite song from memory and SD card

✔ the powerful and professional editor for editing

✔ add beautiful effects and professional

✔ Add beautiful themes with a direct download

✔ Ability to change the selected images

✔ Automatic calculation time displays each image based on the selected song

✔ direct sharing videos on social networks

✔ and ...

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