Video Maker – Video Editor

Video Maker – Video Editor

Version 2.1.13
Install +20 K
Category Photography
Size 54 MB
Last Update 2023 October 26
Video Maker – Video Editor

Video Maker – Video Editor

Version 2.1.13
Install +20 K
Category Photography
Size 54 MB
Last Update 2023 October 26
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Video Maker – Video Editor helps you create videos from photos, create slideshow videos, and edit videos simply, easily, and professionally.
- All you need to do is choose some photos, the app will help you create a video, edit the video or edit its photos with the support of functions such as video transition effects, adding music, stickers, text, frames and more to your videos.

👉 Video maker
✯ Video maker makes it easier to create videos from photos, music and transition effects
✯ Video maker creates impressive videos to share on your Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook
✯ With Video Maker – Video Editor, you can easily insert transition effects between clips
✯ Video Maker – Video editor provides you with 50+ free transition effects
✯ Video Maker – Video Editor provides more than 10 sets of transition effect templates which will help you create your videos easier and faster!
✯ Video Maker – Video Editor offers 40+ unique and magical dynamic effects
✯ Video maker creates videos with the suitable ratio for sharing on social networking sites
✯ Edit photos right in Video Maker to make your photos more beautiful than ever
✯ Video Maker – Video Editor with powerful new light filters.
✯ Insert text, stickers, frames into your videos
✯ Export your videos from Video Maker in HD, Full HD or QHD resolutions. After saving the videos, you can view and share the videos that you created from your photos and music.

💎 Video editor
✯ Video Maker – Video Editor with many beautiful animated effects which will make your videos more different and unique
✯ More than 150+ beautiful filters helping create and edit videos with more suitable tones for the content in many styles, for example, Legacy, Smooth, B&W, Vintage Cold, Warm, Duo Tone
✯ Adding music to videos is easier and simpler
✯ Insert text and stickers when editing the videos easily
✯ Export videos quickly, saving time and device space.
🎵 Insert music into your videos easily
✯ It is simple to insert music into your videos
✯ Video Maker – Video editor can combine music in all formats such as mp3, m4a, etc.
✯ Customize and crop your favorite music part to insert into the video
✯ Easy to customize the added song volume and the original video volume

✂️ Cut videos
✯ Trim videos quickly
✯ Video maker supports cutting videos of many formats such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MKW, FLV, etc.
✯ The video quality after being cut will remain unchanged
✯ Use the cut video to edit, add effects, music to create a new video

🔥 Video speed
✯ Easily convert any videos into Slow Motion videos or Fast Motion videos
✯ Supports different formats of videos.
✯ Preview your video in fast and slow motion before saving
✯ Save your videos without losing video quality
✯ Share videos directly via social networking platforms

🎶 Extract audio in video
✯ Video maker extracts audio from videos easily
✯ Supports extracting from many input video formats such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MKW, FLV, etc.
✯ Audio outputs are in the most popular format, MP3.
✯ Use extracted audio to create new videos or add to videos you are editing
✯ Use songs extracted from videos to set as ringtones
✯ Share songs extracted from videos easily via social networking platforms

- Video Maker - Video Editor is the best photo-to-video app today, which integrates functions of video maker, video editing, adding music to video, cropping video, editing video speed and extracting audio from videos, well meeting the needs of creating professional art videos from photos.

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