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Phone into a professional massage now!

With this app Mtyvnyd always and everywhere using vibration and shake your phone and your tablet will convert to a professional massage.

It provides four different massage types, which all have a sense of pleasant fatigue from Tntvn in the bar and was induced to you!

✔ massage modes: the default mode and Section 9 was prepared in accordance with the terms of your body that you can use from them. And the other part is that you can arbitrarily and manually set the time and amount of shake and vibration.

✔ massage with music: It is very pleasant and relaxing Do not miss the way, a light music player with music that is on the agenda, Massage active program was broadcast at the same time!

✔ Sound Massage: This is the app that you adjust volume and speaking field and was massaging your body!

✔ Touch Massage: This area is also activated by touching the screen and start their massage!

And finally, the benefits of massage is so abundant and excellent, that she can not be overlooked. The reduction of labor to increase concentration and depression are just some of the benefits of massage therapy.

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