Compress Video and Photo

Compress Video and Photo

Version 4.0
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Did you ever ask that of movie clips and photos, but because you have been too much memory and SD card compatible with your phone tone does not have the necessary space, storage Ntvnyn Why? !!

Or want to Hatton Videos clips or photos through social networks Share Let tone, but due to the high volume and high cost of Internet volume in trouble eat?

This software reduces the size of video and images up to 90 percent without the effect even better choice is this!

Or can the video resolution and picture quality or format and easily change them to taste this!

Some of the features of the application:

* Reduce the size of videos and pictures even up to 90% without quality effects

* Convert video codec formats and images to the most popular formats and high-speed

* The interface is very smooth and Material Design

* And...

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