English Fairy Tales - Bedtime Stories

English Fairy Tales - Bedtime Stories

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English Fairy Tales - Bedtime Stories

English Fairy Tales - Bedtime Stories

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What is inFable?
inFable is an offline fairy tales application. It allows to fall asleep peaceful. There are many english fairy tales sounds inside. Bedtime stories help to teach an understanding of right and wrong, not through direct teaching, but through implication. In addition, this app is relaxing for adults and reduces stress of the day. This app can be use like an audio book , with audio stories inside.

Why inFable has NO videos?
A scientist said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Imagination is the door to possibilities. It is where creativity, ingenuity, and thinking outside the box begin for personal development. Imaginative and creative play is how we learn about the world.

Limit screen time (television, movies, computer, tablet, smart phone, handhelds, video games, etc.).
Nurturing imagination and parenting in the digital age can be tough. For example, focusing on a screen is a passive way of learning for us. An alternative would be to encourage us to create something new and different. Engaging us in a kinesthetic manner using our entire bodies and our five senses also opens the mind.

Why audio book is in fact great?
⭐ They boost an imagination and cultural literacy .
⭐ They teach us right from wrong .
⭐ They develop critical thinking skills .
⭐ They can help us deal with emotions themselves .
⭐ And finally, they are great fun!

Properties of this bedtime stories application :
⭐ Has no video or audio adverts .
⭐ Has no video and extra image for improve the imagination .
⭐ Has 12 english fairy tales .
⭐ Playing in background .
⭐ Has sleep timer .
⭐ Has all offline fairy tales .
⭐ Has night mode (Background Light ON / OFF) .

In the application you can find the following bedtime stories :
⭐ The Lion and The Mouse
⭐ Cindirella
⭐ Rapunzel
⭐ The Snow White and Seven Dwarfs
⭐ The Red Shoes
⭐ Hansel and Gretel
⭐ Pinocchio
⭐ The Sleeping Beauty
⭐ Little Red Riding Hood
⭐ The Ugly Duckling
⭐ The Wolf and The Seven Little Goats
⭐ Goldilocks and Three Bears

This bedtime stories application can also be used by adults suffering from insomnia or sleep disturbance.
Enjoy the app!

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