Mersa Religious Application

Mersa Religious Application

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"Mersa A Different Religious Program"

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App description

From spring 1398, after four seasons, we are with you. Mersa, a free religious app, lists your prayers and prayers, helps you solve your problems, records your prayers and fasts, finds Qibla and is by your side anyway.

Mersa facilities

1. Mention: Count, feel, and enjoy mentioning.

2. Professional salatas: You can send salatas for any purpose, as much as you like, whenever you want.

3. Free Salad: Send infinite salad.

4. Qiblah: Without the Internet, find Qiblah with the help of Mersa Qiblah.

5. Madzahi + Text and Sound: The complete archive of the well-known Madhadis of the country along with its text and sound!

6. Ayat al-Kursi: Voice with Arabic and Persian text

7. Problem Solving: For any problem (avoiding you), it is problem solving. A list of problems along with their solution from reliable sources

8. Alms Fund: You want to give alms, write the money here so you don't forget!

9. Prayers and Pilgrimages (Mafatih al-Janan): Easily read the pilgrimages and prayers, day or night, in different fonts!

10. Islamic Tourism: Usually we do not know any other religious places except the famous religious places of a city, both in Iran and abroad! No worries, Merca is by your side!

11. General Information: Dozens of interesting religious information with the ability to text (sms) or any social network

12. Eternal abbey: Eternal month, the day of chance and animal ... and know yourself!

13. Wallpapers: A world of wallpapers, with which you can religiously personalize your mobile phone and enjoy beautiful, quality Mersa photos.

14. Rakkat: Eliminate doubt in Rakkah and use Mersha professional Rakkat.

15. Prayer (fasting): Do you have prayers and fasts? Register to remember and, at the right time, take care of it.

No one and nothing but the Almighty God is perfect. Rest assured, your loved ones will definitely be included in the app.

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