Falcon Hunt ۲

Falcon Hunt ۲

Version 2.5.1
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Game Charming and multilingual Falcons!
Do you want to feel the joy of having a hawk?
Shaheen concrete in different geographical locations to hunt pay as rabbits, mice, snakes and ...

Hawk game is very simple with the touch screen and high-flying game, with the control buttons to increase speed claws and wings hunting game
Aerial hunts like Mavis also so fast you have to go after him but be careful enemies like the eagle and vulture
A game that you play online, global high scores will go up between competitors and open new stages and you can not hunt in different countries.
Another one of the strengths of this game's graphics are very attractive game, which satisfy even the most discerning broke the users.

At one point this game with your logistical team to quickly fix a problem, you get back to the competitive environment Nmvnyd and more features that should make setup and see ....
In short, one who was waiting for

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