Sniper Hunter – Safari Shoot 3D

Sniper Hunter – Safari Shoot 3D

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An ultimate action and survival huntings game for sniper gamers to experience real shooting. Hunt for real animals in hunting safarii now! As an American tactical snipers hunters use every form of tactical sniping skills to perform arduous tasks. Shoot at dangerous crazy animals. Unleash skills as snipers shooters. Don't let the deer escape. Come of age, like a real hunter, improve your tracking skills, stalk your prey, and put your hunting skills to the test in the hunt of real wild animals. As a heroes survival Apes find cave & devise a counter plan to hunt down animals.

Hunt different wild animals like cougar, jaguar, heyna, cheetah, lion, elephant, giraffe, deer-stage, gorilla, zebra, black puma, crocodile, dinosaur - compsognathus and buffalo in the frontline for this time. Fire, shoot and hit the animals. Carry out strike and counter mission in an ultimate first-person action shooter game as a tacticals american sniper commandos hunters. Lonely survival on a wild island. Hunt the deadly sharks swimming under ocean depth looking for some prey. In this modern sniper shootings game of shark and huntings, strike with gun & do not let blood thirsty sharks closer to you. Load your modern weapons & guns & embark on an action filled adventure of a lifetime! Survival lands adventures begins with a hard time from lost Islands.

Utilize your action, fighting and safari shooting skill to escape. Lead a squad of american sniper commandos who are trained for accurate shooting and combat skills in the most challenging game. Brace yourself for the ultimate deer huntings experience. Use your sniper gun to shoot them. Aim and shoot the wild jungle animals and become the best deer hunter and enjoy with jeep engine physics in this 4x4 dirts track trials forest driving simulator. With this 4x4 bumpy car dare to drive off road mountain hill jeep in most classic hill tops. Show your brutal attacking skills to hunt down wild beast in the jungle and save yourself from their attacks in this survival island.

Hunt safari animals & escape life safeguard missions in archery huntings. This real forest animals vs sniper hunters game is an exciting and thrilling simulation to align the gun shots and you will become best target shooter in this sniper safari survival animal game. Start your stealth operations to arm yourself with shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, bow arrow and the latest military gear. An ultimate survival mission on a mysterious jungle island with wild hungry animals and cannibals. You are equipped with a modern deadly sniper rifle to hunt the wild beasts. Dinosaurs hunting make this game special. Experience the thrill of dino shooters. Aim and shoot with archery. Trap carnivore and predator in amazon jungle sniper among stranded deep forest. Enter the world of ultimate survival Islands games.

Realistic FPS shooting, Third person shooting & offroad 4x4 jeep driving in a single game. Download now for free.

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