SimNote (Simple Notepad)

SimNote (Simple Notepad)

Version 8.6
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SimNote (Simple Notepad) is a powerful and easy to use notepad and to-do app that helps you organize all of your daily tasks and remember everything you may forget!

With this app you can take notes, create to-do lists and archive them.


  • Organize your notes by different colors

  • Search notes/voice search

  • Pinch Zoom

  • Voice recording (Max : 1 min)

  • Protect app using password

  • Keep display on during note view

  • Auto cleanup after a selected period of time

  • Adding picture from gallery or using camera

  • Export data in standard SQLite database format

  • Backup and restore data

  • Printing items with their pictures

  • Share your items

  • Choosing calendar type (Gregorian/Persian/Islamic-Arabic)

  • Choosing digit type (English/Persian/Arabic)

  • Reminders/set repeat interval for reminding

  • Define notification sound

  • Define notification light color

  • Choosing date format

  • Changing list font size

  • Changing note view font size

  • And many more features to discover!
    If reminders don't go off, please check your device battery settings to let the application run in background.

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