Backup Apk - Extract Apk

Backup Apk - Extract Apk

Version 1.5.3
Install +20 K
Category Tools
Size 9 MB
Last Update 2024 January 9
Backup Apk - Extract Apk

Backup Apk - Extract Apk

Version 1.5.3
Install +20 K
Category Tools
Size 9 MB
Last Update 2024 January 9
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If anyone has question How to backup android or How to backup and restore app, the main answer is backup app: Backup apk - Extract Apk.

All applications in the phone are backed up easily and quickly. After backing up these applications will be stored in the folder of the device. Backup apk displays all the applications that the user has backed up. Users can easily install the application, delete it from the list of archives or share apps to friends.

In addition, Backup apk - Extract Apk displays all the applications installed in the device, including the applications of the system. Users can easily backup assistant, store, uninstall or share apps to friends.

All applications(apps backup software) was displayed will provide users with very clear and complete information about the application name, package name, installation date or storage date, size, version. This helps users get the most overview of their applications, their backup assistant, backup files, backup apk.

Highlights of Backup apk - Extract Apk
◈ Apk Extractor - Extract & Retrieve apk files and apk export as duplicates, extract apk.
◈ Apk Editor - Downgrade app versions if you dislike updated ones, it is super backup apk.
◈ Apk Installer - Receive & Restore & Recover apks after factor resetting or in a new device.
◈ Apk Assistant - Create your own local Playstore by backing app up, backup assistant.
◈ Apk List Refresher - Auto refresh you app list when you add new, extract apk, backup apk, reinstall app, restore apk.

• Search app in your device
• Backup and restore app to Local by default
• App backup restore is easy extract apk, backup apk, backup assistant to external SD card
• Batch Backup & Restore(appmonster free) to internal storage of phone by default
• Backup apk is appmonster free, it auto backing app up with notifications
• Easiest Backup & Restore apks, personal data
• Easy Backup apps without closing them
• Show & Backup & Restore system apps, backup and restore app android
• Extract & Retrieve APK files (apk export)
• Transfer & Share Backups
• Apk Extractor - Extract Apk Auto List refresher, backup assistant
• Protect backup & restore against deletion
• Extracts almost all application,including system applications (apps backup software)
• App backup restore cache Cleaner & App List Refresh Manager
• Set auto backup list to back up apks automatically
• Send & Share & Receive backups through Email or other channels
• Wireless Transfer & Share with dizzying speed
• Auto backup & update with notifications
• Backup system apps, reinstall app
• Uninstall, installed app, apk export
• Backup apk launch installed app
• Overwrite & Downgrade & Backup old versions
• Manage apps by installed/archived
• Easiest backup & restore system applications
• Separate filter for Downloaded and System Applications
• Simple Backup & Restore to keep multiple version
• Scan apk & files, backup assistant on your device
• Apk assistant to sort apps by name, date, size
• Apk Extractor - Extract Apk is appmonster free, it shows used & total system & file storage
• Hypershell speed
• Backup apps to Internal/SD card
• Share app backup apk, apk export

Backup apk - Extract Apk is the best android backup - backup and restore app, backup assistant(app backup restore)
If you have any questions, please contact us at any time. Our email address is and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks a lot!

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