Fighting Fitness Trainer – Martial Arts Academy

Fighting Fitness Trainer – Martial Arts Academy

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Practicing martial arts can help improve your physique and health

Martial arts are considered a subject that requires endurance and hard work in martial artists. This discipline has a very good effect in maintaining weight and fitness. So if you want to improve your weight to a reasonable level, try this interesting subject.

The training of sports and martial arts help the human body to be in good health, enhance resistance against external pathogens. Practicing martial arts can help you get rid of excess fat quickly, but it can also help us gain weight by stimulating the absorption of nutrients effectively.

Practicing martial arts helps burn how many calories per hour?
According to nutrition experts, practicing martial arts helps to burn up to 1000 calories per hour

Fighting Fitness - Burn fat and lose weight very effectively!
Fighting Fitness is a sport of comprehensive antagonism including kicks, punches, objects ... The goal of martial arts is to find a perfect fighting skill combined from many different martial arts in the world.
Fighting fitness is suitable for both men and women of different ages. Practicing Fighting Fitness can achieve comprehensive defense skills and ingenuity, and is very good for the body of the practitioner.

Over 150 Skill martial
Fighting Fitness – Fighting trainer include over 150 skill martial : MMA(Mixed Martial Arts), Boxing, Kick Boxing, Karate, Teakwondo… The quality movements and speed adjustment feature, 360-degree rotation, will help you easily track and exercise.

+ Over 150 mixed martial arts kicks, punches, combinations , crouch, warm up and stretching
+ 60 level from beginer to professional
+ Slow motion option to slowly track the movement of each skill
+ High quality animations with professional fighters
+ All Skill are avaiable offline

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