Roll Dice!

Roll Dice!

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A dice rolling app to use instead of physical dice for a range of different board games. A variety of options are available to customise the experience to your preference! These include:

- Using between 1 - 6 dice at a time.
- Dice can be numbered anywhere between 1 -9.
- 6 different colour schemes are available, including colourful, dark, simple and traditional.
- Dice values can be displayed as traditional dots or numbers.
- Animation can be full, reduced or use no animation.
- There are 3 speed options to control the speed of the animation
- Sounds of dice rolling are available.
- Haptic feedback as the dice rolls is available on compatible devices
- Dice can be rolled with tap, a shake or both.
- Total of all dice rolled can be displayed after each roll.

Happy rolling!