Panda Panda Police

Panda Panda Police

Version 1.1.0
Install +2 K
Category Kids
Size 41 MB
Last Update 2021 May 15
Panda Panda Police

Panda Panda Police

Green Tea Games
Version 1.1.0
Install +2 K
Category Kids
Size 41 MB
Last Update 2021 May 15
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Become a Police Officer 👮‍
First release of the Panda Panda series, many more to come!

Join Panda Panda, the firefighters and friends as you solve crimes around the city and save the day! Simulate working as an emergency police officer as you catch criminals and help the townsfolk and firefighters with a whole range of fun, exciting and educational cases!

Key Features
⭐️ Discover the exciting and heroic world of being a police officer!
⭐️ Help Panda Panda and friends with 11 fun and exciting emergency cases!
⭐️ Wash, decorate and drive a Police Car!
⭐️ Rank up for good work and become the best Police Officer in the town!
⭐️ Run your very own Panda Panda Police Station!
⭐️ Unlock lots of uniforms to dress up in, will you be a detective, a traffic officer or something else!?
⭐️ Replay minigames with higher difficulties to earn more stars!
⭐️ Complete achievements for bonus rewards!
⭐️ Meet Panda Panda and all of his friends, can you help them all?
⭐️ Family friendly design and artwork means that this game is suitable for all ages!

Solve a Variety of Cases!
Emergency! Panda Panda needs your help! With 11 totally different crimes to solve there is an almost endless amount of fun! From matching sweets and finding lost items to chasing criminals and driving police cars there is never a dull moment in the world of Panda Panda Policeman.

Reach Higher Ranks!
As you solve cases you will earn higher ranks which allow you to help with solving harder crimes. Will you be able to reach the highest Panda Panda Police rank and become the detective leader of the whole emergency police station?

Collect Awesome Uniforms!
Collect stars from helping to solve crimes in order to unlock new and exciting uniforms. Become a security police officer, a traffic police officer and more in Panda Panda Policeman. Feel free to mix and match any hat with any uniform to create the coolest Panda Policeman in the whole town!

Drive The Police Car!
Have you ever driven a police car? Now is your chance! Race around the town to help the townsfolk and firefighters with the police car driving minigame which allows you to experience the exhilaration of driving to emergencies your very own Panda Panda police traffic car. You have to be fast to be the best security police officer!

Educational minigames help Players learn their colours, how to write numbers and even how to complete basic sums. Enjoy a blend of fun and education in Panda Panda Police with some of our minigames which are designed to get Players thinking during play.

Complete Achievements!
Reached a highscore? Beaten a minigame in half the time? Then receive rewards for doing well with our ingame achievements. Each achievement in Panda Panda Police gives more stars which can increase your police rank and unlock new security police outfits and minigames, will you be able to complete them all?

Collect Stars!
Collect stars from minigames and achievements as you try and rank up enough to run your very own Panda Panda police station. Find hidden star multipliers in order to earn extra stars when you play and become the hero of the town! How many stars will you be able to earn?

Try Out New Difficulties!
Multiple difficulty settings in Panda Panda Police mean that you can choose how easy or difficult you want each minigame to be which allows Players of all ages and skill levels to have fun! Higher difficulty levels give extra rewards so why not give them a go and become the best Panda Policeman?

About Green Tea
Green Tea Games are a studio dedicated to delivering high quality, fun and educational games experiences to boys, girls and families around the world. Meet our fun and family friendly characters such as Panda Panda today!

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