My Little Unicorn Runner - Pony Jetski Simulator

My Little Unicorn Runner - Pony Jetski Simulator

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Play Pony My Little Unicorn Runner - Pony Jetski Simulator today and drive your jet ski past the tropical subway islands, as you race across the tropical ocean in this cute my little unicorn pony jet ski simulator designed for little Boys, little Girls and families of all ages!

My Little Unicorn Runner - Pony Jetski Simulator is the most exciting, magical and addictive running, racing and surfing simulator girls game for Girls and Boys of all ages. Specifically designed for children and families who want to unlock and play as the coolest little Unicorn and little Pony Jet Ski Racing drivers in the fastest and most exciting little jet skis simulator.

Pony Unicorn Jet Ski Racing Features: 🐴
⭐️ Race through the tropical ocean but watch out for little and big sharks!
⭐️ Jump, drift and surf to avoid obstacles and cute my little animals!
⭐️ Jump off high ramps and slides to perform awesome stunts above the ocean!
⭐️ Choose from 8 of the cutest pony and unicorn drivers!
⭐️ Pick from 10 speedy and awesome jet skis, all with different designs and decals!
⭐️ Use the rainbow shield to save your my little unicorn pony jet ski from crashing
⭐️ FREE updates added regularly, look out for new pony drivers, jet skis and more!

Surf waves, drift past obstacles, duck under birds and avoid sharks with the cutest my little unicorn pony pet drivers in Pony Jet Ski Racing, a new and exciting endless running simulator racing game. Come and play the most action packed unicorn pony jet ski simulator girls game for free today!

The longer you race, the faster you will become in my Pony Jet Ski Racing. This means that long races become more thrilling and exhilarating than ever, as you surf past fish, jump over boats and duck under cute birds! Will you be able to reach the highscore and unlock a new pony unicorn jet ski in the fastest girls magical pony jet ski simulator?

With 8 cute little pony my unicorn pet drivers and 10 cool and super fast jet skis for boys and girls to unlock, coins have never been more important! Collect coins as you surf and race past boats in the ocean, and don’t forget to reach for the bonus coins as you perform jaw dropping stunts in my little Unicorn Run Pony Jet Ski Racing! Collecting enough coins will start the magical coin boost, where the rainbow will drop from the sky and into the water, leaving hundreds of coins for you to collect! Are you daring enough to collect them all?

As well as coins, Little Pony Jet Ski Racing has all kinds of amazing and powerful boosts to collect! These boosts can help you collect coins, help you perform cooler stunts or even increase your score!

Even the best little unicorn pony jet ski drivers can crash, so Pony Jet Ski Racing gives you the option to spend coins on rainbow shields to protect yourself! When surfing the waves, simply double tap the screen to activate a rainbow shield, and watch as your Pony jet ski can race straight through obstacles without crashing in this exciting endless run simulator!

After racing sim through the tropical islands, be sure to head over to the Pony Jet Ski Racing shop where you can unlock new magical pony and unicorn pet friends, new turbo jet skis with amazing decals and even upgrade your boosts in this pony unicorn game.

And don’t forget to come back to little Pony Jet Ski Racing unicorn game every day so that you can unlock exclusive daily prizes, complete fun and exciting daily challenges and have fun racing with your pony and unicorn pet friends!

Pony Jet Ski Racing unicorn game has been carefully designed for boys, girls and families to have ultimate fun!

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