Grand City Gangster Story - Crime Car Drive

Grand City Gangster Story - Crime Car Drive

نسخه ۱.۶
نصب فعال

Want to get escape from hectic routine of real world??? Then Welcome to the crime city open world😊!

Choose the character with outfits and start the mafia gang mission. Follow the map simply, explore the beauty of real gangster grand city and do the crime world mafia mission with your smartness. Show your smartness to get success in robbery downtown mafia gangster mission. You should know the tricks criminal mafia thief and perform like a real gangster. Use the criminal mafia gang vehicles and move on the way of real mafia gangster crime city mission. Snatch the other best vehicles from citizen on road by using criminal underworld mafia weapons. You may injure the citizen and police, if needed.

Save your life by doing thrilling real gangster actions. Because your thug life is too important for sake of gangster mission. Otherwise, you’ll be busted. City police is behind your tail. So, upgrade your gangster look with using hats and glasses etc. that police could not catch you.

• Different real character underworld mafia.
• Every character has different outfits.
• Heavy and awesome weapons to snatch the vehicles and for sake of your life.
• Change your appearance by using different outfits.
• Injure the police and citizen, if needed.
• Complete different real gangster mission.
• Follow the map for the search of mafia gang mission.
• Realistic and interactive 3D gangster open world.
• High graphics with realistic physics.
• Interactive and best control on game.

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