Crazy Box Shooter

Crazy Box Shooter

Version 2.0
Active installs

Help our little bird knocking down all the boxes with the slingshot.

Several interesting and difficulty levels providing limited number of angry birds to hit the boxes. Using this limited number of angry birds, you have to hit all the boxes to complete a level. If you run out of the balls with remaining boxes, you lose your game.

Crazy Box Shooter is a lovely physics-based arcade game. It is a slingshot game where a bird flies over and knock all the boxes down. A bird rushes on the boxes, hit them and finally put them down. 

The cartoon-like pictures used in game is very lovely and it is fun for everyone. So just download and enjoy it.

Can you get three stars on each level? Yes, you can. 

To be a crazy box shooter, come on. 

How to play, 

1. Drag you finger in the direction you want the bird to move.  
2. Aim target. 
3. Release your finger and the bird flies to boxes and knock them down. 

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