Mobile Technician

Mobile Technician

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This application is a troubleshooting tool for FUJITSU GENERAL Air Conditioners (RAC/PAC, VRF) * , Wireless LAN Adaptor and Air To Water.
It helps you to check air conditioner condition.
Error code check, troubleshooting and sensors check are available.
*: For RAC/PAC , models with new serial communication modethod(model code with "G", for example "AS*G--", "AU*G--") are applicable.Models with old serial communication method are not applicable(some models support) .For VRF, "V-II", "J-II" or later series are applicable.

Note: When using Android 9, the refresh interval of the Wifi analyzer will be delayed.

This application is tested on the following models;
- Sony Xperia S Z1
- ASUS Nexus 7 (2012)
- LG Nexus 5
- Samsung GALAXY S8

Non Android operating devices will not be supported.
- Blackberry (All models)

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