Dragon Land - Zombie VS Dragon

Dragon Land - Zombie VS Dragon

Version 0.83
In-app Purchases
Install +500 K
Category Casual
Size 131 MB
Last Update 2024 May 21
Dragon Land - Zombie VS Dragon

Dragon Land - Zombie VS Dragon

Quiz of Kings
Version 0.83
In-app Purchases
Install +500 K
Category Casual
Size 131 MB
Last Update 2024 May 21
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Dragon Land Or Sarzamin is a Persian Game addictive and mysterious entertainment in the world of Merge Dragon games! Where you can put everything together, even the Dragon on the farm!

The Best Merge Dragon Game waits for you. First, you have to combine the dragon eggs with raising a cute little dragon on the farm so that he can fight the zombies in the wilderness and save the Dragon.

The only hope for improving Dragon Land depends on your magic power, dragon eggs, trees, treasures, stars, dragon diamonds, magic flowers, and even mythical creatures!

This new dragon game is reminiscent of the old dragon game, which can be divided into new boy games and new girls games.

But where is the land of the Dragon?

Dragon land is the place to start the journey, and the dragon war with the zombie merges in the new boy game in the clouds, to Deltora Farms, above the sky, where the Dragon of our story is in the wildland survives indefinitely. Live. Thousands of years ago, zombies came out of their castles to catch dragons in the wildland of survival. The war between zombies and dragons is an old zombie-style game. Combine colored dragon eggs, then enlarge them to explore more powerful dragon farms and dragon battles with dragons and zombies. Combine the Dragon and solve various stages of zombie wildlife survival in this challenging puzzle game dragon do. Attractive stages of the Dragon Play the game in the game of Dragon Land with all the different dragons and then return to the dragon land with your prizes and try to grow your land and solve various puzzles in the game of Dragon Riders, new game riders, and a combination of dragons

This is an old dragon game in the Merge game, an ancient puzzle and zombie game with a sense of farming. Enlarge your farm more easily with the help of your friends in Infinite Dragon Game or help them grow the land of Infinite Dragon Game.

Combine Dragon or Dragon Land in new intellectual entertainment

New entertainment capabilities and infinite dragon gameplay

• Combine dragons in the old zombie game

- The most fun app in the category of Merge, Puzzle, and Dragon games

• Nice and fun dragon game in the old zombie game along with the Dragon

• Free the dragon farms and dragon eggs together to free them!

• Dragon Collection

- Collect dragons and make your dragon book in infinite dragon game with zombies!

- Try to expand farms and life in your land

- Infinite dragon puzzle game

- New boyish games and entertainment along with blending on the farm

Bring the Dragon to your final evolution for a dragon war with the Dragon in the wild!

- Open the land for yourself by raising dragons and dragon eggs and combining them.

- Evolve to build a dragon army and defeat zombies!

- Participate in the Dragon War and have fun

• Combining dragon eggs

- A dragon puzzle game with different and exciting stages and objects to merge

- Combine dragons to get more rewards!

* Make your puzzle and Dragon *

Combine dragon masters in Dragon Land infinitely

- Play the world of dragons with your friends!

- Battle dragons and zombies in the land of dragons

- Design your dragon garden in this new boy game in the style of Dragon City!

Merge style puzzles

- Discover the secret stages of the new girl game along with the sense of playing Wildland Survival

- Collect new dragon eggs and discover them in the new Dragon War game!

- Play Dragon Merge fun with your friends.

- In this strategy game, you prepare the Dragon and the dragon land to fight the zombies.

- A different combination of the old zombie game and the new zombie game in Dragon Land

- Land of survival with the battle of the Dragon

Wild Survival Fun Adult

- New boyish war and fan game

- Dragon game

- Dragon Farm

Dragon games are not possible without the Internet

- New Dragon War game

- Dragon old war game without Internet

Have fun in dragon land, enlarge your farm, and fight zombies by combining dragon eggs and dragons.

So install the dragon land and build your Dragon!

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4.6 from 5
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