SciFarm - Space Dream Farming Game

SciFarm - Space Dream Farming Game

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In the year 3019, when the world is in full peace, the SciFarm organization is set up with the goal of expanding the earth's life to surrounding plans. The organization goes global with the launch of a large number of space stations.

In this game, you will be sent to one of these space stations as a manager and you must try to expand and expand your space station by producing animal DNA and selling it to residents of other programs. Are you ready to stay on this mission?

Do you think you can manage a space station? So let's get started.

Experience space city-building home design and space farming game.

Take care of cute animals, feed them and extract their DNA.

Zoo Management, farming, and city-building could never be this much fun.

More than 30 builds to design your own spaceship station and city.

Scifarm features:

♦ Experience farming in space.

♦ Lovely animals to take care of

♦ Various buildings, farms, and technologies.

♦ Charming and entertaining characters from different terrestrial and space races.

♦ Different buildings and decorations you can use to create your space station.

♦ High customization.

♦ Compete with other players in experience ratings and likes.

♦ Ability to chat with friends within the game.

♦ Possibility to find new friends in the game and send them a gift.

♦ Possibility to visit other space stations.

♦ Ability to ally with other players.

♦ Collaborate with your friends in the daily Sci-show competition.

Scifarm is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.

Scifarm is an online game (Internet connection is required).

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