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Have you ever wanted to just take a Setar and play a famous song that you’ve had in your mind?! Move your fingers dexterously on the strings of the Setar and show your friends how good you can play it and what an artist you are?! If so, then now is the time! In “Setare!” you will know what it feels like to be able to play Setar. In “Setare!” become a star by playing Setar!

The rules are pretty simple. You have a setar in the screen and some tini-tiny things come from above and scrolling down on the string of the Setar. You should try to catch the colorful pieces and avoid the black ones. When catching these little thingies, your nail hits the Setar’s strings and that specific note is played with the vibration of the strings. The more you are able to continue this process you will be able to enjoy the music even more! :) Just be careful not to miss any of them or let them pass through the lower end of the screen, or else you will lose! Just one more thing, as you go on, the music will be played in a faster pace, so be careful not to “lose yourself in the music!” :) Whoever lasts more will get a higher score.

There are thirty different melodies in this game! There are the old and nostalgic ones like “Morghe Sahar”, “Jane Maryam” and “Ali Kuchulu” and of course the new ones like “The Game Thrones” and “The Rains of Castomere”!

Besides all these, we have a Pro Mode, which is designed for the professionals. The ones whose fingers swing a lot faster! There are also a bunch of extra scores and lives. So catch them if you can! ;)

What are you waiting for then? “Setare!” is free and you can install it right at this moment and start to enjoy playing Setar!


1- The pace of game a little bit decreesed, and so it became a little easier. (:

2- Some small bugs fixed.


  • read phone status and identity
  • full Internet access
  • payment through Bazaar
  • view network connections

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