Matching Object Learning Game

Matching Object Learning Game

Version 1.0.6
Install +50
Category Kids
Size 20 MB
Last Update 2022 November 23
Matching Object Learning Game

Matching Object Learning Game

Fabulous Fun
Version 1.0.6
Install +50
Category Kids
Size 20 MB
Last Update 2022 November 23
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Welcome to the best learning game for kids and toddlers.

By playing a game, students may be able to understand a new concept or idea, take on a different perspective, or experiment with different options or variables like improve visual skills, problem solving skills, cognitive skills and confidence through activities.

During play, children learn how they influence the world and their surroundings. Children also use play as a way to relieve stress and taking this time out from chores or academics is an important part of keeping a child healthy; both physically and emotionally.

In this game kids can play matching games involving colors , shapes, animals, body parts etc. and with touch and trace, it's simple and easy to use!!

Games teach kids:

• Social skills
• Being a good sport
• Math skills
• Reading
• Fine and gross motor skills
• Listening skills
• Verbal skills

Learning Features:

• Alphabet Learning: Alphabet with its initial pictures,Capital and small
alphabets,Missing alphabets,Alphabets sequence
• Put the objects in correct place
• Match the similar things together
• Find the missing shape
• Match the words with respective shapes
• Find all the tools and place it in the correct place
• Place the items as per the shadow
• Numbers Learning: Number with its spelling, missing numbers to fill blank,
Counting items.
its houses, Animal and it’s kids, Which animal gives us what?
• Shapes Learning: Shapes like circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, star with this
shaped objects
• Color Learning: Select Color and join it with its same colored object.
• Body Parts Learning: Body Parts with its spelling.
• Find the matching objects using your memory skills
• Identify shapes from pictures
• Drag the name of the body parts and put in the correct place
• Drag the alphabets and learn the names of animals, Sounds Instruments and much

This Kids Matching Object Games is a FREE game for preschoolers play it.

If you have some problems or suggest to make this game better, please contact us!

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