Kid-E-Cats: Games for Toddlers

Kid-E-Cats: Games for Toddlers

Version 1.2.2
+5 K
80 MB
Kid-E-Cats: Games for Toddlers

Kid-E-Cats: Games for Toddlers

Version 1.2.2
+5 K
80 MB
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Do you like cats game for kids? Then these kitty games for babies are for you! 😺 Kids learning games free! This game for kid will be very useful in learning! 🤓📚

One, two, three, four, five
Kittens going on a hike!
Doubts aside, no second thoughts:
Those are classes you will like! 🐱 😺 😸

Educative children games with three kittens is:
📌 6 educative topics;
📌 Learn numbers for kids;
📌 18 minigames;
📌 Over 50 objects to study;
📌 Dexterity development;
📌 Logical thinking and memory training;
📌 Fun game tasks;
📌 Perfect for the youngest ones;
📌 Kids learning games free.

In cat games for kids with three cats your kid will learn about:
Pudding will tell about cats, dogs, goats, rabbits, horses and other animals! He'll also tell what they eat! Kitty cat games for toddlers and kitty games for babies!
With Smudge, your kid will study professions: a cook, a doctor, a postman, a builder and even a gardener in a game for kid! Play cats game for kids!
The kid will know how they sound and what they are called! Play the guitar with kitty cat games for toddlers!
- FOOD 🍏🍄
Pudding knows everything about food. You can separate food from other items in cat games for kids with three cats.
Dart will show your kid means of transport: a tractor, a car, a helicopter, a motorcycle and a lot more in children games with three kittens!
- NUMBERS 1️⃣ 3️⃣
Your kid can learn to count! Say how many cats are there! There are 3 apples, 4 cats? Learn numbers for kids! 👧 🧒

In every topic of cats game for kids Kid-E-Cats, there are 3 steps:
- the kid will get to know the chosen category better;
- he'll learn to distinguish objects;
- then he'll consolidate the received knowledge by playing kitty games for babies!

Try to teach your kid by playing with kids learning games free, of course! 🎮 📚
Any grown-up knows how much time kids spend with their phones and tablets, that's why our educative Kid-E-Cats: Game for Kid has been developed specifically for kids, so that their parents could occupy their kid with kindergarten education, a useful task - learning something new! 🤓

The kitty cat games for toddlers interface is so simple that even the smallest users will get a grasp of it in no time! Kids will learn the new information in the form of play in cat games for kids with three cats! Develop and learn numbers for kids and many new facts about the world around us day by day! 📚 🏆

If your child likes animated series with three cats, you should definitely let him spend children games with three kittens! 👧 🧒

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It is kids learning games free and games for kid! Go play and learn!

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