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Klipix video sharing

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Klipix: video publishing and Community

If you're looking for a place to see the whole cool, high-quality video, find new friends and find cool moments of life in video and story with your colleagues, and most importantly, see what they are about, install Klipix and friends. Suggest yourself.

On the Klipix, you can:

  • · Access to the latest, most popular and most popular videos of the virtual world day
  • · By passing the hottest events and daily events around your friends, friends and other users
  • · Upload and share your favorite videos with others
  • · Share the fascinating moments of life, in the form of a story (story)
  • · Possibility to view the dedicated Klipix apps (Gagula, Patches, Aqbano ...)
  • · Ability to search users and watch videos uploaded by them
  • · Chat and conversation in an attractive environment with other users about videos
  • · Ability to create private chat with other users
  • · Variety and appealing controls for easy viewing of video (volume control, page light, time, video playback speed, etc.)
  • Ability to view offline videos downloaded to the app offline
  • · New video offer based on user's taste
  • · Ability to watch and download thousands of video tutorials, animations, documentaries, films and more for free
  • · Ability to mark videos and watch them in the future
  • · Ability to cut and preview video before and select the desired image for videos
  • · The ability to create personalized personalized cards as invitations to send to friends
  • Ability to download video of different quality
  • · Ability to upload video with the ability to reduce video volume
  • · Ability to match video quality with the speed of the Internet when watching video automatically
  • · Possibility to search hashtags and display non-permanent content for better video search
  • · Ability to simultaneously search for users and hashtags

Looking forward to your feedback

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