Hussein (AS) Salar martyrs

Hussein (AS) Salar martyrs

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Nah al-Hussein Misbah al-Hoda and the plain of al-Najah

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The program of Hussein (AS) Salar martyrs is a complete collection of the hadiths of Imam Hussein (AS) and the Hadith around Karbala, quoted by the Imams (AS) and the biography of Ashura companions and happenings.

The biography of Imam Hussein (AS) is a moral virtues, crematites and anecdotes that have been created with the aim of recognizing Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions.

Imam Hussein (AS) is a complete pattern of human creation and reaching God, and this greatness can not be described in the books or the epichelines.

With the hope of the consent of the right and the lovers of the Ahl al-Bayt (PBUH)

The graphic design of this program, combined with material and religious design, in addition to the beautiful space, has created a convenient and easy user interface for the user.

Application sections:

- A complete collection of the hadiths of Imam Hussein (AS) and the hadiths around Karbala, quoted by the Imams (AS)

- Ashura Day

-Azarah audio and with shrine background

- Imam Hussein Biography

- biography and biography of the martyrs of Karbala and the companions of Imam Hussein (AS)

-Recalling Har bin Riahi

- The life of Zainab (AS) and the events after Ashura

- Imam Hussein (as) - (from rescues to the rescues of the people who lived in this era of Hosseini)

- Hazrate Abbas(as) (PBUH)


-List of Favorites

- Free subject matter search

- Persian and Arabic font settings (Ashura pilgrimage) separately

-Azurat with beautiful sound with the background of Imam Hussein's shrine (AS)

- Ability to publish text on social networks

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