Best Resizer

Best Resizer

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Upload your photos faster.
Resize your photos easily.

You need to upload your photos? They take a lot of time and bandwidth? You probably tried a lot of different application but they were not useful, right? Don't worry...

Here is the best photo resizer ever with great Quality and interface. The quality of output images, the way that you compress the photos and the great appearance made this application so lovely.
You will enjoy having it on your smart phone forever. The Best Resizer reduces the dimension of your photos so you can send them faster through the internet. You have 4 options to choose. The quality of largest output is great and if you need more compression on your photo, you can use smaller output.

How it works? First, choose a photo from gallery (Or take a photo). Second, choose the size of photo, that's it. Then you can see the photo in your gallery (BestResizer folder) and use it where ever you want.

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