khatme salavate online

khatme salavate online

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Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

Your Salavat is the source of prayer, the satisfaction and satisfaction of the Lord and the purity of your actions.

This app is a social network that has tried to turn traditional Salavation into online mode.

In this program, you participate in Salavat's ending sessions created by other users. In addition to Salavat, you will save Salavat as much salavate as you mentioned in both of these, you can create a course with each one based on your saved salat. Intent and salutations.

One of the features of this program is the ability to set the time and date of the beginning of the course that you set when you create a new course at which time your course will start.

Also, new users will be given 200 Salavat for the creation of a gift course after they have been registered. They can create courses or add to these salavates by attending other courses.

You can send comments and ideas to our team for the better.

It is hoped that with this program, we will take a small step towards achieving the goals of pure Islam.

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