Etrust Pay

Etrust Pay

Version 1.0.11
Active installs

The application for payment and finance services (wallet) is a virtual Etrust City

customer club

Digi ETrust

ETrust insurance

Travel ETrust

Media Trust

Online Deals

paying the bill

Internet package

Buy recharge cards

Scan the barcodes approved and contracted by the Etrust City

Ability to communicate with backups through the app

Add bank cards

Receive and charge or transfer wallet inventory

Purchase from reputable recipients and contract parties for the Etrust City

Search the map

Ability to define usernames

Submit a credit clearance request or wallet inventory

Definition of Pay Group and Share (My Share)

Armaghan Tosee farda Company Registration No. 364996 in March, 1977 After long investigations and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the current innovative economic plans and using the opinions of experienced and knowledgeable consultants for the first time in the country, Implementation of an idea called Virtual City of Ettrast provided online and virtual services to citizens across the country, which emerged in the form of a customer club focused on the scope and scope of Armaghan Tosee farda

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