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Ejob serves consumers as a job finder platform putting job providers and job

finders directly in contact with each other.

With ejob, you can get any task done, anywhere, anytime. Whether it is a fresh

loaf of bread you’d like to have on the breakfast table or a physical therapist for

your ailing shoulder at home, you can click on the ejob application, set the fee,

and choose among candidates who are eager to get the tasks done.

Why ejob?

- Ejob allows users to post any legitimate task

- Tasks at ejob are not bound by time or space

- Job seekers receive payment instantly when the task is completed

- In an emergency, job providers can request immediate performance of tasks

- Job providers can oversee and monitor the work on a job on the ejob application

- Users get to see the ratings of job providers and job seekers

How does ejob work?

- A job provider identifies the task and the payment

- He chooses a job seeker for the task. Reviews of the job seekers can be useful if

there is a pool of candidates for the task.

- Once the job, which was under job provider’s online supervision, is complete,

the job performer receives his payment and both parties get to assess and rate

each other on the ejob application.

Ejob for job seekers

If you wish to earn extra cash, or if you seek a second job or a part time job, if you

like working as a freelancer, or work from a remote and distant location, ejob is

just for you, a platform that allows job seekers to earn money their way.

Ejob for job providers

If you are pressed for time or don’t feel like carrying out your own tasks, if you’re

lagging behind in your house chores, ejob is for you. Post your tasks on the ejob

application and allow others to do the work, and just relax.

Go online and check out ejob and have others deliver your tasks.

You can find us on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/ejobteam

Join us at ejob.

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