Grand Action Real Gangster: Survival Games

Grand Action Real Gangster: Survival Games

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If you love to play trending nitro cars & hot bike games, then it’s time for city driving to roam around city like a boss. Grand Action Real Gangster: Survival Games snatch every grand auto vintage and sport American muscle car and high tech motobikes on your way and travel as real city car driver and begin the crime war between you and the mafia goons. Go to town freeroam city, get ready for gangster vegas thug open car game and defeat your enemies & earn millions of bucks to become the urban crime lord. Visit fitness club to maintain your health and witness the magnificent miami beach drive club.

Fold up your sleeves, gear the full throttle of your vehicle and Grand Action Real Gangster: Survival Games Set for thrilling and life threatening fight. Mount an attack on the ganglands and prove yourself as fearless & intolerable urban crime mafia lord. As it is the time to show off fighting skills as ultimate Godfather of crime city. Meet ruthless crooks & fight like real mafia hero against the epic gangster clash. Be prepared for grand theft crime race in city as you are going to grab luxurious vintage cars and supersport turbo bikes for drive club city driving ruling thug life as Godfather of gangster land. You need to be fit and healthy as to give tough time to the mafia goons. Therefore, go to vice town visit gym and fitness club to maintain good physical condition and knockout gangs.

Grand Action Real Gangster: Survival Games towards luxurious place with complete fun package action for real urban crime gangster. After snatching loot mafia and intense shooting mission you have to move around town in afternoon to spend quality time. The town has American 3d hawaii beach that includes live rabbit dance. Get seated on amazing vintage cars and steer towards drive club around the most beautiful city and visit the breathtaking lush miami beach view.

Grand Action Real Gangster: Survival Games is definitely a dream come true for real gangsters crime simulator lovers. Promote your crime power in the eyes of other mafia goons by completing your shootout missions. Multiple awesome grand auto car pursuits, super sports bikes drive club are waiting for you. Be the real city car driver. So brace yourself to go to vice town and city now and explore gangster vegas thug open car for freeroam and visit hawaii beach to freshen up your mind. Visit fitness club on daily basis and give tough time to the gang land and earn loads of dollars.

Game features:
★Grab various cars and bikes
★Stunning city and beach environment
★Smooth controls and amazing sound effect
★Fitness club
★HD graphics, multiple camera view

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