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Finding ways to save at your favourite shop can be difficult. It’s not easy to keep on top of the latest deals and who could remember to bring along those loyalty reward cards? 

With Echo, there’s an easier way. You have access to great deals and loyalty reward programs all in one convenient app. Saving couldn’t be simpler. Use your Echo app on your phone to collect an Echo Points at participating businesses and redeem them for items and services that you want. 

It gets even better, Echo notifies you about deals and discounts at your favourite businesses and helps you find new shops that you’ll love. 

Share what you think about your favourite local businesses with your friends and directly with the business owners themselves through Echo as well.
Our app available for iOS and Android. 

If you’re a business owner, you’re going to love Echo too. Our team can help you create promotions and rewards that your customers will enjoy. When you join Echo, you’ll get access to your very own dashboard so you can keep tabs on promotions, rewards and what customers think about your business. Saving you time and money, and helping you to attract new customers, while keeping existing ones happy.

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