Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds

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Fascinating animals and Animal Sounds from around the world.

Do you live far away from nature? Haven't you got contact with animals? Thanks to our application you can change it.
Move up to the fascinating world of animals and start your adventure with nature.
Meet new animal sounds and watch the great pictures of real animals in HD resolution.

Animal ringtones and wallpapers:
Set the animal's voice as a ringtone, notification, or alarm, and feel close to animals whenever your phone rings. You can also use the photos as animal wallpapers to be able to look at your favorite animals whenever you use your phone.

Sound and pictures in HD:
Unique experience to provide high-quality animal sounds and animal photos in full-screen HD. With application Animal Sounds you feel so close to wild animals like never before.

Information about animals:
Did you know that dolphins live up to 20 years old and elephants live up to 70 years? Read lots of interesting information about animals. Learn about their characteristics, occurrence, body building, origin and much more information.

Easy to use:
Clear and ergonomic interface, slideshow mode and lock screen for easy operation.

Support for 40 languages:
The Animal Sounds application contains the names of the animals in 40 languages, so everyone around the world can learn the names and animal sounds. The language change option makes it easier to start learning foreign languages ​​(animal flashcards).

Possibility a choice of specific group of animal sounds:
● The animal sounds from around the world,
● The farm animal sounds,
● The wild animal sounds,
● The bird sounds,
● Mammals, reptiles and amphibians,
● The water animal calls,
● The land animal voices,
● Animal sounds as ringtones.
New animals:
We regularly add to applications new animal sounds and introducing new features.

Suggestions and opinions are important to us, so we encourage you to contact us and report bugs:

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