File Reader - PDF, Word, ZIP

File Reader - PDF, Word, ZIP

Version 38
Install +2 K
Category Tools
Size 14 MB
Last Update 2024 April 14
File Reader - PDF, Word, ZIP

File Reader - PDF, Word, ZIP

Version 38
Install +2 K
Category Tools
Size 14 MB
Last Update 2024 April 14
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Are you searching for a Document Reader that can open all the documents on your phone? All Document Reader is a complete solution that helps you view all types of documents including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Text, and Compress files.

It can automatically scan the files on your device, organise them in single place into corresponding folders so that you can search and view them conveniently.

By using the Document Viewer application you can read all the documents in one place. You don’t need to install multiple applications to open different extension files. It is a simple, fast, and lightweight application.

👉 Supported formats
• Word Document: DOC, DOCX, DOCS
• PDF Document: PDF Reader
• Excel Document: XLS, XLSX
• Slide Document: PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX
• Other Office Document Viewer files: TXT, RAR, ZIP

📚 Full Featured File Viewer
• All document files are managed and organized in folder structure view : easily view PDF, Word, Excel, PPT files
• Easily search your documents.
• All the functionality you can access without the internet.
• Able to file share, file pickup, and direct read function.

📔 PDF Reader
- Fast open and view PDF files in "PDF files" Folder or from other apps.
- Zoom in or zoom out pages while viewing to get perfect visual effect
- Share and send PDF files to your friends with a single tap
- Go to the desired page directly.

🧐 Word Reader ( DOC / DOCX )
- DOC/DOCX Reader
- A simple list of DOC, DOCS, and DOCX files
- Present all doc documents on your phone in the best and fastest way
- Simple reading interface
- Direct print word file

📊 Excel Reader ( XLSX / XLS )
- Quickly open the excel spreadsheets file
- XLSX, XLS formats are both supported
- A convenient tool to manage excel reports on your phone

🧑‍💻 PPT Reader ( PPT / PPTX )
- Excellent PPT/PPTX Reader app
- Present PPT files in high resolution with fast and stable performance

📝 Notepad
- Easily read Text files anytime, anywhere with this powerful file viewer.

⭐️ Share with 1 touch
- Share your document to others in a single tap.

If you don't have time to sit in front of your computer to manage your files, you can use All Document Reader and Viewer. It allows you to read documents on your phone anywhere, anytime. All formats supported!

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