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Full training crocheting

This tutorial will help you at any level you aim to complete Vmrj
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Updates will be included in the On-Demand Training

Basics of crocheting , including basics, switching threads, connection details, map reading, reducing the node , the node increases , tassels , textured circles with Lynda

The basic nodes are:
Chain base, short , medium base, base, tall , invisible texture with Lynda

Advanced nodes , including :
Shelly , paste , bubble , corn , Pykvt , clustered together with instructional videos

Crocheting patterns :
Heart tissue , owls, stars , the calf socks, knit Kvrvvdyl , scarf , shoes , bow ties , and generally pretty useful tutorial with step by step photos of each stage of education

Educational films
Hours of training videos Farsi

Crocheting magazines
Journal of the top ten journals crocheting , which is about 100 pages with template

You will have a good shopping !
Compatible with a variety of smartphones and tablets, Persian and non- Persian
All slides have the ability to zoom and pan

other package:
simple ribbon learn -free

advance ribbon learn

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