Note Daily Calendar & Notebook

Note Daily Calendar & Notebook

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Note Daily Calendar & Notebook

Note Daily Calendar & Notebook

نسخهٔ ۱.۷۳
نصب +۱۰۰
دسته‌بندی آموزش
حجم ۳۱ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۱۲ دی ۱۴۰۲
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Are you looking for a daily notes app with multiple notes notebooks?
Do you need a notebook for daily writing & notebook organizer that will distinguish your notes, daily lists, to do tasks, ideas, and work notes notepads?
Meet Note Daily, where you can make notes and lists in note keeper categories, but also use a note scanner to scan documents and much more!
Our simple note recorder notepad app helps you take quick notes, todo lists, scan documents. Take notes on thoughts, ideas, meetings, agenda, project plans, lectures, travel, story writing, book writing, & more!

📒 Notes organizer: Use our pad note organizer for various needs. Set notebook cover as image, color or drawing. Use our note organizer to Copy or Move notes. Have your personal notes, chores ideas, work notes, and job notes neatly organized.

🗒️ Notes App: Take notes with rich text, images, video, audio recording, drawing, paint, PDF or any file attachment, color note, rich text editor options like bold, italic, underline, font color, font background color, strike. Keeping notes has never been this simple.

☑️ To Do List App: Our simple notes app allows you to create to do list, task list, checklist, shopping list, daily work list. Use the list-making features to rearrange items with drag and drop, mark tasks when complete, add subtasks.

🔎 Camera Scanner App: Besides being a note keeper of lists and notes, you can also use the notes scanner feature to scan documents, doc notes, photos, receipts, business documents, books. Extract text from images. Create PDF & share!

📸 Photo Editor App: Edit image files, add text, draw on a photo, crop photo, add emoji and convert image to pdf. Create art, sketch, drawing, painting, and add to note.

📅 Planner App: Create plans for strategy, travel, make agenda, meeting discussion points, career, daily activities, weekend or holiday plan. Create a daily plan and make it a habit with execution details by setting a daily reminder

📁 PDF Maker App: Create PDF of Text note, Images, Scan documents & Share.

🔔 Reminder App: Schedule Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly reminders for to do lists, tasks, birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, bill pay, medicines as per your Calendar schedule

⏺️ Voice Notes recorder: Record audio, take voice notes from meetings, lecture, conference call, meeting memo

📔 Diary: Use the notes manager to create new notebooks where you write about your daily activities, feelings, emotions. plan daily and track habits

💡Other important features:
1. Sync: store and keep your notes on Google Drive to avoid loss of notes when the device is lost or changed
2. Lock: password protect your notes, set a password to open and access notes
3. Widgets: access notebooks and notes from the home screen
4. Multi-device: Sync your notes and access across devices
5. Shortcuts: Add shortcut to notes, todo list, scan document on home screen.

Free Notes App in Daily Life:
☆ Capture and take note of ideas
☆ Plan/manage office tasks and house tasks
☆ Create lists & reminders
☆ Create shopping lists, grocery lists
☆ “Pin to status bar” - stop procrastinating on important tasks
☆ Scan documents, bills, receipts, photos
☆ Set reminders and track activities

Notebook in professional life:
☆ Create detail notes of your ideas, inspiration, business
☆ Plan your ideas for execution and strategy
☆ Take business meeting notes, record audio for future reference
☆ Create detail schedule, agenda of business meeting
☆ Create to-do lists, priorities
☆ Plan your career milestones
☆ User note daily as your day planner, memo writing, journal writing

Notepad in Education:
☆ Take lecture notes with rich text, drawing, photo, audio, video & attach files
☆ Plan/organize your study, assignments, examination
☆ Create notes for various subjects like maths, history, physics and share the PDF with students


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