Crispy Fry Potato - Cooking Game

Crispy Fry Potato - Cooking Game

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Hey! It's time to make some delicious Crispy Fry Potato in virtual cooking game by Crazyplex LLC!!

Download now and enjoy the fun of cooking in your own virtual kitchen. Play with your friends and family and share your cooking experience by just tapping on the screen. Many foods available to cook in this free cooking game for kids. Let's wear your apron and get ready for the cooking adventure!

Be a master chef and make some tasty crispy fry potato food for your family members. We've more than 3+ different food items to cook in this game. First, start with Honey Chilli Potato and follow the steps to make your fried food ready to eat! Also you can make Smiley Potato Fries and Potato Semolina Cutlet as per your taste. We've added many decorative items as well to look your food so attractive.

Cooking game is so popular these days so we bring the best cooking game for kids "Crispy Fry Potato"! You'll enjoy the food cooking with sharing ready to serve food pictures with your friends and family using social media tools.

Features of Crispy Fry Potato - Cooking game:

- Easy to play cooking game for kids
- All age people can play
- Cook food as like real food
- Tons of foods to cook and decorations available to choose from
- Share picture of ready food to your friends and family using social tools like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Email.

Foods to Cook in this game:

- Honey Chilli Potato
- Smiley Potato Fries
- Potato Semolina Cutlet

Enjoy the game and share your experience below by rating this game! This game is 100% FREE to play and there are no In-App items to be purchased to play this game!

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