Cooking games: Valentine's cafe for Girls

Cooking games: Valentine's cafe for Girls

نسخه ۱.۱.۲
نصب فعال

There is a real panic and flutter in all cafes in Hippo town! Even Hippy school is empty, nobody wants to learn anything today. Everybody is celebrating Saint Valentine's day! Could you imagine Saint Valentine's day without a romantic dinner, lunch and breakfast? That's why all the cafes of the city, a big pizzeria and the most popular Hippo restaurant open their doors for all the visitors in love! The main cook reminds all her holiday recipes, her kitchen and bakery work from the very morning. She has to manage to feed every visitor for lunch. We are going to cook food, make coffee, ice cream, cakes, pizza and main dishes. This is a restaurant simulator, where player is at the same time the main cook, which should cook food, and manager, which should manage cafe. The games dedicated to the food cooking are waiting for us. This is a story about love and about the holiday flutter at Saint Valentine's day!

Funny cooking panic in the Hippo town started from the very morning! At Saint Valentine's day all the animals in love go shopping to buy presents and flowers, to make their beloved happy. Than beloved couples go to the restaurant or cafe, to have a romantic lunch with ice-cream, cakes and pizza that have the shape of a heart. School will wait, because our Hippy is today cook and manager. She will remind recipes, cook food and at the same time she will manage all the places of Hippo town, where there is its own kitchen or bakery! Today every cafe of the city has its own visitors! We will visit not only restaurant and cafe, but also a picnic, amusement park, sweets fairy and sunny beach! You will be surprised to discover how many places we have with kitchen and bakery, where there is a food cooking, where you could try to make cakes, ice cream and pizza. This is the most full and big restaurant simulator, where all the amazing recipes and games are collected. While playing them, you could not only make coffee or main dishes, but also you could learn how to create real cooking masterpieces. Our story about holiday flutter starts right now! Kitchen simulator is open especially for you. Use love and patience, remind old recipes and create your own. You need to feed everybody and make all the animals in love happy. Interesting, what city cafe would be the best today and serve the most visitors? What love story will be the most romantic? Only you know the answer to this question, because you are the cook and manager in all holiday restaurants of the city!

Try our new holiday simulator of make food for all the family members! If you are fond of holiday panic and flutter, you will like our funny story about Saint Valentine's day. Have a lot of positive emotions and spend useful time. Stay tuned and stay with us. Our educational family games for boys and girls will make you happy!

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