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504 Extremely Essential words


One of the most famous books for medium and advanced English learners is the book  504 Extremely Essential words. Up until now, there has been a wide range of programs regarding this book and every one of them has their own deficiencies.

But using [Learn 504 EEW], you can start to look at every single word, hear the pronunciation, read the definitions, look at three example, answer to some multiple-choice questions, or play some guess-the-word game. You can also stick to the program we have designed to help you learn all these words step by step using modern learning techniques. at the end of each section, you can see how much u have improved on a diagram. If you decided to go with the application's scheme, you can go through as many lessons as you want for each day. But we suggest you take 2-3 lessons each day and not more.

This program was designed by Octopus Group which includes English experts and skilled programmers. we would be more than happy to hear your feedback on the Applications. you can comment under the Application page or you can send your words directly to us using this email:


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