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Cafe Zaban

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Cafezaban is not only an English learning application but also an application with an opportunity to connect students to teachers.

When you enter this app you encounter some English lovers who help you overcome your fears in English speaking skills.

Cafezaban has produced by a webcore group .this group has been working tirelessly on this app about two years now and finally after several years of determined effort they released the first practical version. We keep this app updated regularly so we are honored to receive your suggestions and please keep us posted if you found any error.

Right now cafezaban presents;

1. Free vocabulary flash cards.

2. Free short instructive English videos

3. Free podcasts

4. Make a personal account

5. Posting texts and images

6. Contact with others in application

7. Checking other's profiles

8. Send private messages to others

9. Leaving comments on other's posts

10. Taking part in classes

11. Have a conversation with teachers

12. Taking part in exams

13. Learning English through videos, texts and voice messages

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