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Learn English Salamzaban app

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Salamzaban Application


An application about learning and teaching English language to Persian people. 

If you want to learn English language you need a good course and source. We are here to help you learn it online.  

We have many parts on our application that is sufficient for you to learn the English language. 

You do not need any other source. 

Conversation, IELTS, TOEFL, TOLIMO, MSRT, Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening, Exams, Clips, Expressions and so many other parts with quality that you can compare to others.

 Easy English with Salamzaban site and application.

It can be like a balon and help you to improve your English language.

This app is like an English village (Dehkade) that helps you to learn the English language in a fast and best way.

IELTS 7 or higher would be possible  to take in a short time and with the best quality.

OPD, Think in English. LDOCE online dictionary.

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