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About BRIC  (The best way to remind exam)

The program has been tried according to the law of Pareto, 20% of the content of textbooks collected and placed at the disposal of Minecraft dear. This app is for those who want the least amount of time, the most important things to learn and they learn taken in the shortest possible time period.With "Break experimental" at any place and any time the contents of the exam with you.

The app includes the following:

1. a summary of All lessons exam includes rules, vocabulary, important charts and tables, formulas, definitions and the order of lessons can see them.
2. The experimental examination of 95 questions with Answer Key

Note: This application is used only the original textbooks and From any source other educational or teaching aid has not been used (this app a summary of all experimental science textbooks).


Further Details:Textbooks are in pdf.If the file is not displayed on your phone It is one of the necessary software to read these files (such as Adobe reader) the installation on your phone.

If you have any problem, you can contact us through the following.

Phone number: 09354439608
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