Dungeon Archer Run: Survival Subway Runner

Dungeon Archer Run: Survival Subway Runner

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Dungeon Archer Run: Survival Subway Runner

Dungeon Archer Run 3D is a middle age archer run game.

You are a young middle age archer who is running in a subway style dungeon on a fast horse. As a dungeon hunter, you have to tackle all obstacles and fires while running and shooting with arrows. Try to collect gems to increase your score, collect colored magnets to speed up your horse. Also try to avoid any crushes and kill zombie-like creatures in the dungeon to survive. So you may consider yourself as gungeon boss and zombies as dungeon guests which are not welcomed! So you must show your dungeon hunter abilities to kill these unwelcomed guests!You have some chances to continue by using 'save me option' if you simply die. We also allow you to buy extra 'save me' option in our best running game. We hope you like our free run game. You are able to kill zombies in our game so we can put our run game into modern combat shooting games category too!

How To Play: It is very simple. Swipe right to move to right, swipe left to move to left and swipe up to jump. Use arrows to kill zombies. Use save me button when you are dead or killer by obstacles or zombies. Buy lives if you like to have more lives to save yourself in our temple style game!

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* Real 3D graphics and environment.
* Accurate shooting.
* Infinite run
* Leveled system
* Double gaming system
* In app purchase avtivated
* No connectivity required while playing.
* Addictive, loving & fun.
* Sounds On / Off button display.
* Multi-touch enabled.

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