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How to study MCAT effectively?
Do you want to succeed in MCAT exams?

Using MCAT Flashcard will help you learn faster and remember more in a shorter time by showing MCAT flashcards just before you will forget them. MCAT Flashcards app has several learning modes: Study, Slide show, Matching, Memorize, Quiz to make the learning process for MCAT exam more exciting and fun.

MCAT Flashcards app includes 2800 premade flashcards which cover all aspects of the Medical College Admission Test MCATexam:
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Physics

Basic features:
• Track study progress using Leitner system.
• Display statistics for cards and games
• Search cardsets from our database with millions of flashcards on various subjects.
• Review schedule to help you review flashcards before they are expired.
• Customize flashcards by selecting font, background and languages.

Premium features:
• Text to speech to study MCAT flashcards without looking at screens.
• Download unlimited MCAT flashcards to your devices for offline study
• Customize text color and background color/images of cards

This app is also available on Apple App Store, Amazon Kindle App Store, Blackberry App Store and Windows Phone App Store.

MCAT is a trademark of the Association of American Medical Colleges.This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Association of American Medical Colleges

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