Document Scanner Pro AllinOne

Document Scanner Pro AllinOne

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Document Scanner Pro AllinOne

Document Scanner Pro AllinOne

نسخهٔ ۱۴.۱
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دسته‌بندی ابزارها
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Doc Scanner Pro is new free Document Scanner app and business tool exclusively for your Android device!
Extremely useful mobile tool gives users the power to scan any type of document, transform it into PDF format and share it right from your device.
Document Scanner Pro helps you scan, store, sync and collaborate on various contents across smartphones, iPads, tablets and computers.
Document Scanner Pro is a powerful mobile document tiny scanner that fits in your pocket! Discover a universal tool to scan any paper document and save it’s digital version in a wink. Scan, sign, affix and share multipage documents in high quality PDFs or JPEGs easier than ever.
Scannerpro is an app for scanning documents, images and pro scan of bar codes and QR codes using the camera of the mobile device.
Scanner Pro uses best algorithms to detect documents edge, ***enhance texts, graphics, and easy to manage or share in PDF, JPEG formats.
It is like incorporating a scanner with extensive functionality to the mobile to use it at any time and place, file, edit, make lists and share the files obtained in PDF format.**
Scan documents with your smartphone has never been so easy**, with the scanner app you can scan color documents, photos, images and text. The app uses the camera as a device to turn your phone into a portable scanner and convert all the scanned documents into PDF format.
Document Scanner pro users scan and manage
* Bill, Invoice, Contract, Tax Roll, Business Card…
* Whiteboard, Memo, Script, Letter…
* Blackboard, Note, PPT, Book, Article…
* Credential, Certificate, Identity Documents…
Scanner Pro Features:
- Best Document Scanner - It has all of the features that a clear scanner should have.
- Portable Document Scanner - By having this scanner for ipad and phone, you can save your time and efforts by quickly scanning anything on the fly.
- Optimize scan quality :Enhance texts and graphics look clear and sharp.
- Scan Automatically : Detect document edge automatically.
- Speed & quality option ,Turbo Scan with higher quality mean that decoding speed is slower (3 options : slow, medium, fast).
- PDF settings Set page sizes for PDF (Letter, Legal, A3, A4, A5 and more).
- Documents Organization ,Name and organize documents in folders and easy to merge, move, copy or delete.
- Paper Scanner - The app offers third party cloud storage(Drive,Photos) where you can scan papers and save on cloud storage.
- Best Document Scanner Lite - Scans are saved to your device in image or PDF format.
- PDF Document Scanner - Scans PDF with edge detection feature additionally.
- All type of Doc Scan - scan copy in color, Grey, Sky Blue.
- Easy Scanner - Clear Scan and Instant print out documents in any size like A1, A2,A3,A4… etc.
- Quick search ,Easy to find document with search tool, or sort by modified time, creation time, name.
- Apply effect , Multi modes for scan document : Magic, Original, Grayscale, Black & White. 5 levels for adjust contrast, text bold.
- User interface ,2 modes to view : GridView or ListView.
- Share PDF/JPEG files ,Easy share doc in PDF, JPEG formats via social, email,...
- Print & Upload ,Instantly print out docs in Document Scanner Pro with nearby printer by Cloud Printing Service.
Or upload to Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote,..

This scanner app is totally free! Download it now!
contact us with any questions, contributions or requests.

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