Camcard Document & PDF Scanner

Camcard Document & PDF Scanner

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Camcard Document & PDF Scanner

Camcard Document & PDF Scanner

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This Camcard Document & PDF Scanner is the ultimate solution for quick scanning and digitizing various documents. With this app, you can effortlessly scan and convert documents, receipts, notes, invoices, ID cards, books, magazines, barcodes, class notes, business cards, and more into digital format. It also offers features like creating digital signatures and certificates, as well as sharing the scanned files with just a tap. Best of all, it's completely free.

Explore the most usable features of Cam Card:
- Business Card Scanner
- Create Digital Signature
- Convert CS Photos to Text
- Poster Maker
- PDF Document Converter
- OCR Scanner
- Text Scanner CS
- Read and Edit PDF
- Scan Photographs

With the fastest document and barcode scanner, you can quickly scan any document on your phone and instantly share the scanned files anywhere, anytime. This Photo PDF converter is a powerful cam scanning app that saves you valuable time and money.

Install this free document scanning app on your smartphone, and with just one touch, you can scan any document within seconds and easily share it using CS.

Let's dive into the incredible features of CamCard:
✔ Scan documents in the best shape and size.
✔ Capture images using the camera or select them from your phone gallery.
✔ Enjoy drive backup and restore features for your scanned docs.
✔ Export password-protected documents.
✔ Re-crop, rotate, and straighten scans for optimal results.
✔ Apply filters such as original, grey mode, black & white, and magic color.
✔ Edit and rename scanned documents anytime.
✔ Export and share scanned documents as PDF, ZIP, or JPG with password protection.
✔ Quick Scan Unlimited Pages and keep them as long as you want with the docscanner feature.
✔ Easily search for scanned documents.
✔ PDF Converter provides an easy way to export any document in PDF form.
✔ Backup and restore scanned documents.
✔ Utilize the CS barcode and QR code scanner.
✔ Scan barcodes and QR codes from images in your gallery.
✔ Share scanned QR codes effortlessly.
✔ And don't forget the exceptional features of Business Card Scanner, Create Digital Signature, Text Scanner, and OCR Scanner.

Enjoy a range of document actions with this app:
☞ Convert Photo to Text with CS CamCard
☞ Convert photo to PDF & PDF merge
☞ OCR Scanner
☞ Business Card Scanner
☞ Read and edit PDF on Cam Scanner
☞ Scan Photographs
☞ Export scanned documents as JPG
☞ Export CS doc as PDF
☞ Share as zip
☞ Save Documents on Drive
☞ Move to other folders
☞ Create a shortcut and access the document directly from your home screen
☞ Rename and add tags to scanned documents

Experience the convenience of CamCard and its multitude of features. This easy and simple scanner app helps you cam scan your important documents, create posters, and merge PDF files. Use the Camera Scanner app to scan documents in high quality, convert them into PDF or JPEG formats, and share them effortlessly.

How It Works:
Just take a snap of the document with your phone's camera, and let Camera Scanner do the rest. This quick scan app automatically crops the document, detects its edges, and optimizes colors with various filters. It even identifies the corners for the best quality scan. You can also crop unwanted parts of the document with CS. Furthermore, you can scan documents that are already saved in your phone gallery, whether they're PDF files or regular pictures.

✮Additional Features✮

Use the QR & Barcode Scanner feature to scan all types of QR codes and barcodes. Simply point your smartphone's camera at the QR code or barcode you want to scan.

Detailed Scan Results:
The app allows you to view all your past scanned details in History. You can filter the scan results based on the selected type, and easily share them on any platform, be it social media, messaging apps, or with any contact.

Download this powerful Cam Scanner & Business Card app now and revolutionize your document scanning experience.

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