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BST / Fitness

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Health & Fitness

The second version of the BST / Fitness app will surprise you with its features!

The best and most functional features of this software:

* Provide online exercises with live streaming + Continuous updates and add newer exercises for you! (Currently active)

* Provide online sports advice when communicating with support apps!

* Provide theoretical training and online fitness video on nutrition and fitness! (Will be activated soon / no need to update the app)

* Professional clothing store with free shipping! (Will be activated soon / no need to update the app)

BST has been operating since 1993 in the field of fitness (exercise science / nutrition science). BST's (BTS) core activity is the production of video and video theoretical and practical training, and is exclusive to itself, with its own practice in the Internet environment. Its own users have their own. The BST Internet Corporation, with its own dedicated sports systems, has special methods for its users in training programs, and its users have enough satisfaction from the various dimensions of the network. BST in various fields, especially services Free offers a special effort, offering online sports services (kinematics), free online education and the theory of sex education Fitness, free advice and ...

App Manager: Madadpour

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