Baazito - kids' interactive games

Baazito - kids' interactive games

In-app Purchases
Install +50 K
Category Kids
Size 29 MB
Last Update 2023 July 27
Baazito - kids' interactive games

Baazito - kids' interactive games

In-app Purchases
Install +50 K
Category Kids
Size 29 MB
Last Update 2023 July 27
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Dear parents and loving children, your place in the land of games " Baazito " fascinating and cool tutorials is really empty. We miss you so much

Baazito ” is like an online educational place for children that entertains and educates children. “ Baazito ” is an application with an unlimited number of games for kids. The purpose of the games is to familiarize the child with various and everyday concepts that parents can evaluate their child's intelligence and ingenuity. “ Baazito ” is a place where the game does not end. Games do not end there and will be added to their number at planned intervals. Each game includes a funny character, standard colors, interesting graphic elements, attractive environment, different sounds of elements and narrations that entertain the child in addition to improving his knowledge over time.

What is type of our content?

  • Game
  • Story
  • Song
  • Drawing
  • Video

 How are games made?

 A game development team from graduations of top university work on producing content and logic of games to provide the best content to your child. After that, the graphic team does the work of designing games and elements, and finally the games are made with the help of the technical team, and before they add to the game, the process of playing the games is tested by several people and finally provided to the children. We are making games for you day and night and your good comments perk us up to continue. Your children happiness is what make us motivated.

 What age are the games suitable for?

We currently have four age ranges for kids:

  • 2 to 4 years
  • 4 to 6 years
  • 6 to 8 years
  • Child over 8 years old

Game features:

  • Show games according to age category
  • Unlimited games
  • Access new games without the need for updates
  • Parental access
  • Funny characters
  • Educational narratives for the child
  • Attractive environment
  • Child-friendly graphics
  • More than a hundred game pages
  • More than hundreds of words in different fields
  • Increase intelligence and memory
  • Improving the level of information and knowledge of the child
  • Help the child learn to do everyday tasks
  • Increase accuracy and punctuality

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We love you...

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