Kids Racing Islands, race for kids

Kids Racing Islands, race for kids

نسخه ۱.۵۰
نصب فعال

"Kids Racing Islands" is a game for children. It contains no advertising. It does not collect any user or phone information.

Kids Racing Islands ( kart game) has all the physical effects of racing games, but with a very easy to use. Use your own device as a steering wheel!

The aesthetics of the game resembles children's toys and music creates a fun atmosphere.

Earn coins while playing for improvements in the engine of your vehicle, so you can reach the finish in less time.

Choose a car and show your skills at the wheel and test your reflexes.
Show you can ride like no other, beat your friends and prove you are the ultimate rider.
3D Car Race Simulator, real engine and crash sounds, skid marks and tire smoke.
Real time dynamic physics.
Kids Racing Islands is easy to drive, use your own device as a steering wheel.

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