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Color Match

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The Game Goal
The goal of Color Match is to gain the highest score. Having an online highscore list, Color Match makes it possible for you to compete with your family and friends and all the players, persuading you to keep your name on the first page of highscore list. As the game requires thinking, make sure you follow the instruction provided inside the game carefully to be able to gain higher scores.

The Game Flow
The player gains score by creating groups of 3 or more game pieces which have the same color. Please note square and rectangle shaped groups give you more score. A large square can give you a lot more score than a disordered one. Hence the player should try to make large square and rectangle shaped groups consisting of game pieces having the same color. To do so you should touch the columns and rows of game pieces and move them horizontally or vertically. Keep it in mind that each piece leaving the game area from one side, will get back inside the game area from the opposite side.
But it isn’t so easy! The game has 2 different modes. In the easier mode there is a 3 minute limitation on the game. The harder mode has a 15 second timer in addition to the 3 minute one. You should keep gaining scores before the timer is 0, otherwise the whole game area will be replaced with new game pieces having new random colors. So if you don’t gain any score for 15 seconds and the timer is 0, all your plans for making a large square or rectangle will be null and void.
On the other hand, making large squares or rectangles having the same color gives you extra time, making it possible for you to play the game for more than 3 minutes.
The game also has 2 bonus game pieces. One gives an extra 5000 score and the other one adds 10 seconds to the 3 minute timer. Simply put them in the groups having the same color as the bonus pieces and touch the group.

To make larger squares it is better to find the color being more available in the game area. Choose that color as the base color and try to make a large square of that one. Try to make small groups of other colors and destroy the game pieces with those colors as fast as possible. This way all the other colors disappear gradually and only the color you chose at the start of the game remains. When there are enough game pieces having the color you have chosen, start making the large square (or rectangle) out of that. This way you gain a very higher score and additional time bonus. If you are fast enough you can continue playing the game for even 10 minutes or more!

Important note:
To fully understand the game flow make sure you follow the Instructions provided inside the game carefully. This won’t take you more than 1 minute.

We hope you have a pleasant time playing Color Match. We wish to offer you new games soon.

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