نصب فعال
سبک زندگی

-Great app to determine the qibla and Prayer Times for the Muslim in anywhere.
-Nice graphic and no setup need, just launch it and use.
-It uses the built in compass and GPS to indicate bearing outdoor.
-It uses the built in compass and INTERNET to indicate bearing indoor.
-It views Hijrah calendar, Gregorian calendar and the remaining time for the next prayer.
-It views the Midnight and the beginning of Last Third of a Night.
-it views the beginning and the end of Duha Prayer.
-Compatible with all devices that are running 4 and up.

*Unique Feature :
This app has a unique feature you nearly won't find it in the similar apps, It tells you through a message about any magnetic fields (e.g. when putting your device near another device or computers or magnetic mobile covers) that affect the accurate reading for directions to avoid it.

1- Keep your device away from any metal objects or magnetic fields for accurate reading.
2- In order for the compass to work you might need to recalibrate it by moving your device in a figure 8 motion.

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