English Vocabulary Builder

English Vocabulary Builder

Version 1.4.5
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Category Education
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Last Update 2022 June 1
English Vocabulary Builder

English Vocabulary Builder

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Version 1.4.5
Install +100
Category Education
Size 33 MB
Last Update 2022 June 1
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You are just starting to learn English or you are looking for ways to improve your current skills? This app for you, and you can learn new words everyday!

English is the most widely spoken as a second language. You can use it in formal situations: in business, education, traveling, shopping, medicine as well as in informal ones like communication with company of friends etc. This app helps you to pick up and practice the most essential vocabulary for this.

Two billion people speak English daily. Nevertheless, they often face the same challenges. How to activate already acquired knowledge in colloquial speech? How to use an appropriate word according to the context without misspelling or orthography mistakes?

That's why we decided to create the best app for improving English vocabulary in the way to use it in context of usage in real conversations, using social media, internet searching etc. It is great for beginners and advanced language learners, who want to reach the level of a native speaker as well. Also, it will be useful for those, who want to find work or get a higher education in the US, UK, Canada, Australia. This is a great way of preparation for passing TOEFL, IELTS and other tests successfully.

The learning technique, applied in the application, allows you to quick learn new words (up to 100 per day), which every year scientists from the University of Oxford select into list of 3000 the most used words in English language. You can memorize all of them in the shortest terms.

Our specialists have selected for you more than 30,000 examples of words usage in context, that will help you to start use your new knowledge in real life immediately.

Every English word flashcard in this vocabulary builder app comes with full meaning, up to ten examples of usage, phonetics and pronounced by native British speakers so you can immediately perceive the speech by ear. Because of unique learning technique you will keep in mind the correct spelling of the word forever.

We have added a big set of tests with various difficulty levels into the app so you can learn words, test your new knowledge... and share results with your friends :)

Key Features:

✔ Spaced repetition method
✔ Selected the most important words in English speech
✔ Over 30,000 usage examples for everyday conversations
✔ Individual lesson schedule
✔ Scheduled class notifications
✔ Exciting exercises to consolidate skills and tests for knowledge
✔ Activities to practice English vocabulary
✔ English learning flashcards
✔ Dictionary search

How the mastering words process in this learning English app looks like?

There are many exercises in the app for memorizing words. There are flashcards with words in the first part of the lesson. You can listen to the correct pronunciation, take a look at the meaning and 10 examples of usage. If you already know it, you can skip it and proceed with the next one. After that you should pass a test to consolidate the learned words to define your weakest points. In the third part of the lesson you need to put the missing word into the sentence. These examples present quotations from popular English publications. You can also choose a goal for the day and track your progress with a convenient interface. So that you don't forget about the revising, we have added notifications.

Our team wishes you success and good luck in the learning English way you have chosen!

Write to us in support: english3000app@ukr.net
We welcome your feedback and high ratings 😊

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